Let's Reverse Alienation and Heal your Family TODAY!!

One on One Coaching with Ginger Gentile.  

Get personalized strategy, skills and learn what your alienated child wants you to know. For people who want the fastest results possible.

Personalized One-on-One Coaching


 Do you want to see results quickly?


This Transformational Package is personalized for YOU and YOUR FAMILY. Get a personalized strategy to ATTRACT your kids back to you… while feeling CALM and PEACEFUL.


 What are the results you can expect?
  • You will feel peaceful and be victorious.


  • You will be in control with a clear game plan, whether reaching out to your kids, talking to a lawyer or school officials.


  • I will CHANNEL your erased kid(s). I tap into what they want to tell you but can't and together we practice new ways of communicating.


  • I use my EXPERTISE on how to use the courts (if needed), interact with professionals and patterns all successful reunifications follow.


  • Tell your story in a way that builds sympathy and support. These tools can be focused on private, public and media communication, and turn bystanders (and even "enemies") into allies!


  • You will learn how to talk with your children--even if you are unable to "talk directly" with them I can show you how to reach your children.
  • You become the parent that EASILY reunites with your kid(s) and creating opportunities for them to reach out to you.


  • Too many parents think their kid will never reach out or that the courts are their only solution. You never know when your kid will knock on your door. Will you be prepared?


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"After our one-on-one coaching, I spoke and texted as you advised.  That lead me to being able to visit my daughter and new granddaughter for four days!  It went easy, peaceful and seemed stress free.  

Again, adhering to your advice on texting methods and wording, just tonight I was invited to my oldest daughter's wedding.  I can't believe it!  The first time in 7 years that I will be part of my kids special events and hopefully lives.   

They, as you said, want a relationship but are under fear.  Somehow the past two months that has been broken and they are responding and reaching out.  

The entire time I was visiting my youngest I just prayed to be a safe place for her, to be stress free so she could be at ease and feel safe.  This is for the next generation and I hope my kids can find peace in our relationship. 

Thank you for all your honest, straightforward help and advice.  It works!!!" -Wendy

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