Learn About The Reversing Parental Alienation Road Map & Heal your Family TODAY!!

The Reversing Alienation Roadmap is a compass that will lead you from the torture of alienation to peace. Learn the steps all families take to reunite & copy them!


12 weeks of go-at-your-own pace lessons delivered on video by Ginger.


Only $99 to Reconnect and Transform Your Family

                 Reversing Alienation Roadmap

Currently, you are walking alone through a dark forest. Scary creatures attack you, and you don't have a tool kit to fight. So, you give in and become a doormat, or you fight back--and everyone loses. What if you had a ROADMAP that showed you a path out of the forest by following the footsteps of other families that reunited?

Even if you have read every book and done support groups, my ROADMAP will give you all the skills you need to reunite or reverse alienation.

All in 12 short lessons that will shift you from hopeless to hope.

Learn the Simplest and Fastest ways to reconnect with your loved ones.

Gain peace of mind while attracting your children back to you.

Be confident reaching out to your kids, knowing you will never make a mistake.

Don't fall into traps set up by your ex, kids, or professionals.

Learn to stop the alienation by changing how you show up and communicate. (Works even with crazy exes, if you are in the middle of a court case or can't use the courts, if your kids are small or grown up).

Can't contact your kids? We leverage social media & the internet to speak with them.

In the end, you will reclaim your parental authority, attract your kids back without forcing them.

Ginger is a child of high conflict divorce, coach and has interviewed thousands of families. Her ROADMAP is solution focused and Step-by-step action guide to reunite.

Only $99 to Reconnect and Transform Your Family
In addition to 12 short video lessons, you will get exclusive meditations to calm you down in time in stress AND rewire your brain to hope.

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Sneak peek at our dynamic lessons and methodology. . . You get this plus bonuses. And everyone who completes the course gets a surprise gift.

Lesson 1 

Trade hopelessness for hope: Copy those who have reunited

Lesson 2
Release trauma, sadness and anger to show up ready to reunite.

Lesson 3
Find out what is really driving the alienation & use this information to change the power dynamic.

Lesson 4
Reduce conflict with alienator and get them to STOP or decrease alienating (even though they will not admit they are wrong, are a narcissist or just plain hate you)

Lesson 5
What Your Kid Wants to Say, but Can’t (do they really mean they don't want to see you?) How to find out if your kid is brainwashed with our unique “Erased Kid Whisperer” formula.

Lesson 6
Become a MAGNET that attracts your kids back. Even if you have no contact.

Lesson 7
Our “Know what to say” Template, so you always know how to reach out or respond via text or conversation. Never worry about making a mistake again.

Lesson 8
You are the parent! Reclaim your authority without forcing your kid to do anything.

Lesson 9
How to respond to your child’s misconceptions and accusations.

Lesson 10
Leveraging social media (your kids are watching you!)

Lesson 11

The way you tell your story can hurt or help. Turn bystanders into allies: friends, family, school.

Lesson 12
You reunited! Now what? How to rebuild a healthy relationship.

BONUS #1: How to “Win” at court while not going broke (or wasting years and getting nowhere)

BONUS #2: How to avoid traps in “reunification therapy”

BONUS #3: Secrets to reunite with adult children

BONUS #4: Tricks for teens. The easiest age for an alienator to manipulate. Our easy “teen reframe” tool will help calm resisting behaviors.

Only $99 to Reconnect and Transform Your Family
"Change is a process and joining Ginger’s roadmap course was a stepping stone towards reuniting. I am on lesson five and I already see change and results. After more than 1 year since last time I saw my baby daughter, this week we had a 5 minute video call." -Henry



How is the REVERSING ALIENATION ROADMAP different from other programs?

Our goal is to reunite over 1000 families in 2023. So, we designed a program that is the most affordable option for families. We teach you how to copy other families who reunited and broke down what they all do into a simple and fast program. We are solution focused and know that while scripts can help, you need to take back your power as a parent and show up calmly and with love before you apply specialized techniques.

Can I take the lessons at my own pace?

Yes! You will get a new lesson each week, but you will have lifetime access to the lessons and resources.

I'm not a parent. I'm a grandparent or spouse of an erased parent? Can I take it?

Yes. These skills are great for the entire family.

Who gets the most out of this program?

Parents who are willing to try new strategies and let go of anger.

What if I need more help?

Ginger Gentile offers the option to work with her as a  personal coach. You can add 1 on 1 coaching as an additional option at check out or at any time.

Do you guarantee results?

The course will give you the skills and mindset you need to reunite. It is up to you to apply them. In our experience working with parents, many reunite shortly AFTER finishing our program.

Is this a support group?

No. Support groups have a purpose, but this is a change group. Be prepared to try new things to get a shift in your situation.

What if my kids or ex-spouse don't want to participate?

The only person who can participate and needs to participate is YOU. We have found that only ONE person, YOU, is needed to change a situation. This is not reunification or family therapy. You will learn the skills and mindset to reunite and heal your family. We will not be reaching out to your child or ex. Instead, you will learn how to reach out to your kid (even if they have blocked you), attract them back to you and turn bystanders into allies who will reach out to them for you.

Can I use this program if I have a restraining order or other court order that prohibits contact?

There are many skills that will help your situation, but you will not be able to apply some of the techniques to reach out. We suggest that you reach out for one-on-one coaching.

My story is unique and extreme. Will this work?

Almost every parent we work with says the same thing. We encourage everyone to take part in the group coaching program and one-on-one coaching. The Roadmap is useful for all situations.

I'm unsure about the ROADMAP. Can I speak with Ginger on the phone?

We are overwhelmed with requests. OurROADMAP has skills that work for everyone and can be combined with group or one on one coaching for specific questions.

Can my lawyer/psychologist take this?

While not designed for them, this can give them great insight. Please have them email us for our programs designed for professionals that offer continuing education credits.

Why isn't this class for free?

We have tons of free resources from our non-profit film available at www.ErasingFamily.org and have produced over 20 hours of videos, including a remarkable documentary film that you can watch for free about reuniting. The cost behind the course has some key reasons:
— Developing the methodology took a year of research.
— We have found that parents who pay are more likely to value the course and finish it.
— It enables Ginger Gentile and her team to devote themselves to this cause.

Only $99 to Reconnect and Transform Your Family
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