$300.00 USD


Case Audit

Unlock Your Path Forward with Our Comprehensive Case Audit Session with Ginger Gentile

Embark on a transformative 45-minute audit session led by Ginger Gentile, a dedicated Parental Alienation Coach and the creator of the Reversing Alienation Roadmap. This session analyzes your situation and charts a clear course for the future. Whether you're seeking to understand how to reverse alienation or urgently strategize, this could be the pivotal moment that reshapes your journey under Ginger's expert guidance.

This is NOT a sales call, if you decide to continue to work with Ginger on an ongoing manner she will give you next steps or direct you to a more appropriate resource.

Key Features of the Case Audit:

  • Expert Insight: Benefit from Ginger Gentile's deep expertise in parental alienation, gaining tailored clarity and actionable steps.
  • Document Review: Submit up to ten pages of essential documents—be it court cases, communications, orders, or personal letters—at least 72 hours in advance to ensure a session that's informed and personalized.
  • Moving forward: if you decide to work with Ginger as an ongoing basis and she accepts you (limited slots) the initial audit fee credited towards your chosen package.
  • Cancellation Policy: To honor our commitment to each client, sessions canceled with less than 24 hours' notice cannot be rescheduled or refunded.
  • Guaranteed Service: All services are non-refundable, ensuring our full commitment to your case, provided by Peaceful Victory Inc.
  • Scheduling: Use within 45 days of purchase, ensuring relevance and impact. Payment grants access to a booking link for scheduling your session directly with Ginger.

This session is not just a meeting; it's a step towards transformation with Ginger Gentile—a dedicated guide towards understanding, strategy, and peace in the face of parental alienation.