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Testimonials from Moms and Dads who Reversed Parental Alienation & healed their families:



Dad of two teens and one young son, from no contact to overnights!

Before working with Ginger Gentile one on one and the Reversing Alienation Roadmap: This dad was struggling communicating with his ex. It was like “a WWF match on an endless series of Jerry Springer shows”. His ex stopped responding & the kids refused to visit for 8 months. 

After working with Ginger Gentile and the Reversing Alienation Roadmap: This dad now sees his kids regularly, even having overnights! Plus he gets to play Fortnight video games remotely with kids even if they are with their mom. His ex even yielded some of her parenting time so the kids can spend more time with their dad.  Mom and Dad are now able to have an amicable conversation with his ex & has been able to break through her barriers.



Mom of 15 year old daughter, from alienated to 8 vacations in one year!


Before working with Ginger Gentile one on one and the Roadmap:  The dad made the daughter hate her mom and then took her away. This mom said her relationship with her daughter was a “1 out of 10”. She didn’t want to use the courts because they make it worse and she didn’t have the money. She had not seen her daughter for over 6 months, and her phone calls went unreturned. She didn’t know where her daughter was. 

After working with Ginger Gentile one on one and the Roadmap: We worked on what her daughter needed from her as a mom. Changing her communication, not only did she get her daughter to come back for a visit but since then they have gone on 8 vacations together! In her own words the relationship went from a 1 to a 7. She says “I now feel in control of my emotions and my finances,” Because I helped her improve her relationship with her child so she can focus more on her career.



Dad of two teens

BEFORE working with Ginger Gentile one on one and the Roadmap: He was very close to his two sons but never had a court order to visit them, it was only when the mom let him see the kids. After a decade of this he decides to get a court order, only to discover that this triggered full blown alienation. The mom, in anger, would take them to pick ups but encourage them to not get out of the car (she would dress them in shorts in the winter). 

These pick ups were brutal for the dad and the kids. He reached out to me and I taught him how to show up to these exchanges with love and humor. Instead of focusing on the alienator or how his kids were being pressured, he focused on how how showed up. 

AFTER working with Ginger Gentile one on one and the Roadmap: I worked with this loving dad to improve how he showed up to court too and the courts to recognized the alienation! An order to give him visiting rights was established. But the best part is his kids want to see him and chat with him all the time. He sees his kids on a regular basis!


This is for you if:

If you have an on-going divorce or custody case & you need help creating a proven & effective legal & emotional strategy to get the courts to work for you and not against you.

If the court case is distant memory but it has been years since you have seen your kids. Maybe you found out your kid got married but you weren’t invited to the wedding.

If you feel like your kids are manipulated & brainwashed against you & you feel helpless & don’t know what to do. Your children are growing more hostile towards you.

If you want to reconnect with your kids but you don't know how or are afraid to make things worse. You feel excluded from your kid’s life and feel embarrassed as a failed parent.

If you are blocked by your kids in social media & other people seem to be more updated on their life than you. You feel like the courts & therapists have only made things worse.

If you're committed to stepping out of past failures, embracing a journey of change, and nurturing a harmonious family environment.

This is NOT for you if:

If you just want revenge on your ex or you are unwilling to let go of the past and admit your mistakes.

If you only want a ‘quick-fix’ solution and you just want to outsource solving deep emotional wounds.

If you are not open to try new techniques & are unable to invest time, money & effort in nurturing a harmonious family.

Here's the TRUTH.


You can reunite with your child and even become CLOSER THAN EVER in a short period of time.
But most parents waste a lot of time because:
  • They don't reach out correctly.
  • They're afraid of making the same mistakes
  • They just make things worse by falling for the traps set by their ex, their kids or both. 
The solution is SIMPLE. 
You just have to copy the same steps that other families took in order to reunite.



My journey started as a child of high conflict divorce. My parents pitted me against each other and I went years without talking to my dad–and at the age of 20 moved to Argentina to get away from the fighting! But this issue followed me. I married a man who was alienated from his daughter which showed me the pain parents feel when they can’t see a kid (he reunited after 12 years!). 
l turned trauma into action and this led me to direct and produce two documentaries to shed more light on this issue, Erasing Dad (2014–resulted in joint custody legislation being passed in Argentina) and Erasing Family (2019, following kids reuniting after alienation). 


I spent years talking & interviewing broken & reunited families. I was able to study & document how many of them were able to reunite & reconnect with their children. 


And I thought, why not copy what works?


What if I could teach other parents the skills my mom and daddy didn't’ have? My dad’s response to alienation made it worse! And my mom’s behavior only drove me away from her.
Erasing Family (2020)

Documentary follows young adults in North America as they fight to reunite and heal with their families after parental alienation.

Erasing Dad (2014)

Exposes how fathers in Argentina are erased from their kids by the courts.

I learned all I could from the best experts with proven track records and became  a certified coach with iPEC, the leader in transformational coaching. 


Bill Eddy, author of the leading books on Parental Alienation and how to deal with “difficult” ex’s personally trained me at the High Conflict Institute after he endorsed my films. 


I received recognition for my work. Erasing Dad led to  joint-custody being passed in Argentina. Maria Shriver named me an Architect of Change for reuniting families with my films and I was on major TV shows like Red Table Talk and training other professionals.


But deep down I knew I had to do more.  


Through studying thousands of families, the pattern on how to reunite with your kids became very clear to me. By following what works for other families and simplifying this advice, I created a solution to a very serious problem. 


My training and my unique experience has allowed me to create the Reversing Alienation Road Map. It’s a 6-step formula based on proven methods that help you reunite with your children and rebuild lasting, harmonious relationships in a short period of time.

The 6-Steps of the Reversing Parental Alienation Road Map

Step 1: Elimate Trauma Response

Learn to identify & address trauma responses that cloud your judgment, drain your energy & prevent you from rebuilding healthy & long lasting relationships.

Step 2: Let Go of the Pain

Learn to let go & allow for emotional healing. Your children benefit when you are emotionally healthy and present. They need a parent who can guide and support them without the overshadowing burden of unresolved pain.

Step 3: Understand the Root Cause

Learn proven methods to find out what is the root cause that’s driving the alienation. Once you have identified the root cause you can then apply effective techniques to break the cycle of alienation.

Step 4: New Communication Skills

Learn to communicate assertively but respectfully with your ex. It can go a long way in stopping the cycle of alienation. Learn to express love and understanding to your children, perhaps through active listening and validation, it is crucial in changing their perception of you.

Step 5: Attract Your Kids Back

Create a beautiful life for yourself. Learn to become a magnet that attracts your kids back towards you and stop repelling them. Learn to create a positive & inviting environment for the children.

Step 6: Strategy & Plan

Learn effective strategies and have a personalized plan that will allow you to stay consistent and motivated to reunite. There is a right way to reach out depending on your kid's age & situation.

Let's get your kids back! 



Working with me means

You will be inspired to take action and heal your family. You’ll have hope & be able to see a clear path towards reuniting with your kids.
You’ll discover how to deal with your ex, what is really driving the alienation and how to stop it immediately.
You can finally stop feeling like a failed parent. You will feel empowered, confident, a motivated loving parent because you will have all the tools, support and information you need in order to reunite with your kids.
There’s no need to go at this on your own. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You simply have to follow the proven steps that other families took in order for them to reunite. 

What Our Mommies & Daddies Say

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Here's What You'll Get With The Reversing Alienation Road Map 12-Week Program:


12 self-paced video lessons that will equip you to reunite with your kids.
Bonus: each lesson includes a short meditation & templates to help make this information your own.
These lessons will enable you to achieve the 6-STEPS that other families took in order to reunite:
Step 1: Eliminate Trauma Response
Step 2: Let Go of the Pain
Step 3: Understand the Root Cause
Step 4: Learn New Communication Skills
Step 5: Attract You Kids Back
Step 6: Strategy & Plan

Lesson 1: Trade hopelessness for hope: Copy those who have reunited

Lesson 2: Release trauma, sadness and anger to show up ready to reunite.

Lesson 3: Find out what is really driving the alienation & use this information to change the power dynamic.

Lesson 4: Reduce conflict with alienator and get them to STOP or decrease alienating (even though they will not admit they are wrong, are a narcissist or just plain hate you).

Lesson 5: What Your Kid Wants to Say, but Can’t (do they really mean they don't want to see you?) How to find out if your kid is brainwashed with our unique “Erased Kid Whisperer” formula.

Lesson 6: Become a MAGNET that attracts your kids back. Even if you have no contact.

Lesson 7: Our “Know what to say” Template, so you always know how to reach out or respond via text or conversation. Never worry about making a mistake again.

Lesson 8: You are the parent! Reclaim your authority without forcing your kid to do anything.

Lesson 9:  How to respond to your child’s misconceptions and accusations.

Lesson 10: Leveraging social media (your kids are watching you!)

Lesson 11: The way you tell your story can hurt or help. Turn bystanders into allies: friends, family, school.

Lesson 12: You reunited! Now what? How to rebuild a healthy relationship. 


This is so POWERFUL!
Imagine being able to ask ex-alienated kids who reunited: How to reunite & what to say in your situation.
Join 12 weekly live group coaching calls led by Ginger and other coaches who are also ex-alienated kids who have reunited with their parents.
We’ll also have visits from other parents who have reunited to give you hope, encouragement and valuable tips & insight.
You will be able to ask questions that apply to your specific situation.
This isn't a support group but a change group.  We share knowledge, experiences & accountability. You can form meaningful connections, receive feedback, gain different perspectives and also celebrate the wins together. 


You will get access to powerful meditations that you can use to let go, heal past traumas and show up healed and ready for your kids.
These meditations will give you calmness, positivity & clarity of mind necessary in order to attract your kids back, deal with your ex & creating a beautiful life for yourself.



BONUS #1: How to “Win” at court while not going broke (or wasting years and getting nowhere)

BONUS #2: How to avoid traps in “reunification therapy”

BONUS #3: Secrets to reunite with adult children

BONUS #4: Tricks for teens. The easiest age for an alienator to manipulate. Our easy “teen reframe” tool will help calm resisting behaviors

Here's a Full Summary of What You're Going to Get:

12 Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Ginger Gentile & Ex-alienated Kids Who Reunited

(Imagine their valuable insights for your situation)

$3,600.000 Value

12 Video Lessons

$455.000 Value

Templates on What to Say & Text.

(Never make a mistake again when communicating to your kid, ex, & professionals)

$299.000 Value

12 Guided Meditations

$199.000 Value

4 Bonus Lessons

$199.00 Value


$4,453.00 Value

100% Money Back Guarantee within in the first 10 days, no questions asked.




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