What to Focus on to Reunite.

Jun 01, 2023

It’s extremely important to focus on the parents who are successfully reuniting, not the estranged ones who may seem closer to your situation. 

For example, the story of Ashlynn and Dizzy, the stars of the "Erasing Family" documentary, are the epitome of success. 

After years of no contact, Ashlynn reunited with Dizzy at age 18 and moved into his home!

However, her sister refused to even speak to their dad, stating in the documentary that he was only "blood and DNA" to her. 

Despite this, Dizzy and his daughter were eventually reunited and even went to Disneyland together. BUT IT TOOK YEARS. Trying over and over again! So many parents try once and give up. . . they tried until it worked. 

Dizzy attributes their reunion to healing himself first, letting go of anger, and learning how to communicate. 

This is my principal methodology! I base all I do off of copying successful families who reversed alienation. Why not make it simple? Copy what works! 

Watch more to see Ashlynn and Dizzy discuss how they spent a few YEARS reuniting with his other daughter.

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