Your energy is action

May 09, 2023

by Ginger Gentile, Coach Reversing Parental Alienation

I want you to imagine being reunited with your child, experiencing love and happiness once again. 

I promise it’s possible, but listen…

We have to take that loving energy and turn it into action.

And I’m here to coach you through that energy shift along the way.

I worked with one dad who shifted his energy right away. . . He texted his son and instead of an angry response he got a loving reply. Two months later, they had lunch together for the first time in years. 

HOW? He went from demanding his (adult) son talk with him, calling him rude, to just asking about his son. 

So many parents look for a key phrase to get their kid to come back. I can teach you some scripts, but without going from sad/angry/frustrated to pure love, the scripts won’t work. And if you become love, the messaging will work EVEN IF YOU GET THE SCRIPT WRONG!

Don’t you wish you could feel happy and peaceful before you REUNITE? And know you can never make a mistake?

It is possible! Work with me one-on-one if you're ready to make an investment and see quicker results, or join my Roadmap to Reverse Alienation internet class to learn new strategies and skills. You can also connect with others in a supportive group setting.

I want to help you and your child go from estranged to reunited in the most loving and energetic way possible.

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