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alienated child alienation broken family divorce Jan 05, 2024

Andrew Folkler— one of our coach kids, who suffered parental alienation and emerged as an "reunited ex-alienated child" shared on our Facebook Live how you can quickly heal your relationship with your child. Andrew shared how you can stop learning about alienation and focus on reuniting. Not only did he share in a live chat, but he also is one of the "Kid Coaches" who leads sessions in our REVERSING PARENTAL ALIENATION ROADMAP PROGRAM. In this article, we will explore Andrew's advice for parents seeking to reconnect with their alienated children.


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Key Advice from Andrew

  1.  Understanding the Journey

Andrew emphasizes the common trait among alienated parents: an intense need to research various aspects of alienation, psychology, trauma, narcissism, personality disorders, and more. While knowledge is crucial in understanding the context of one's experiences, he cautions that just intellectualizing may not be the sole solution to rebuilding relationships with alienated children.

  1.  The importance of empathy and patience! 

The journey toward reconnection requires a profound understanding of the emotional behavior and capacity of both parents and alienated children. Patience, he insists, is not merely a virtue but a vital ingredient in the recipe for rebuilding trust and connection.

  1.   Authentic Communication

Andrew shares the significance of authentic communication. In a world saturated with information, he encourages parents to communicate openly, honestly, and transparently with their alienated children. Authenticity, he believes, lays the foundation for trust and is a catalyst for healing. But keep in mind that to communicate with your child you must understand him first, emotionally, intellectually and be open to listen to them as well. 

  1.  Seek Professional Guidance

Seeking professional guidance is one of the keys to reunion, whether through therapy, counseling, or support groups, he highlights the importance of connecting with professionals who specialize in parental alienation.


Parental alienation is a complex and emotionally charged journey. Andrew's experience as an ex-alienated child serves as a light of hope for those grappling with similar challenges. The road to reconnection, as he illustrates, demands a combination of understanding, empathy, patience, and authentic communication. As we reflect on his words, let us remember that rebuilding relationships is a gradual process—one that requires commitment, resilience, and a genuine desire for reconciliation.

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