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This is why You Haven’t Reunited Yet

broken family divorce reunion Jan 16, 2024

In our recent Facebook Live event, we had Ginger Gentile as our guest—an expert in parental alienation and advocate for reuniting families. Ginger facilitated an insightful discussion, revealing the reasons why so many parents haven’t reunited yet.

Identifying Barriers to Reunion: The obstacles preventing parents from reuniting with their alienated children are that parents haven’t really taken action. The need is to move beyond surface-level actions, such as sending messages or gifts, and focus on addressing underlying issues.

 For taking action, emotional regulation is more than a key; it’s the foundation. Why? Because parents' reactions to triggers play a crucial role in the reconnection process. Are you regulating your emotions properly? Try meditating or speaking with a professional that can provide you with the guidance you need to learn how to self-regulate.



The Power of Authenticity

An essential key for reuniting is authentic communication. Rather than fixating on external gestures, it's important to be genuine and transparent with one's child. That way, you can gain their trust; they want to feel safe, and one of the ways they can feel this is by first trusting you. 

Authentic communication is based on unconditional love and support. It means that you will be there to listen to your child, their needs, and respect their boundaries. It means that you will be more than a parent; when your child needs to express something, you will also be their best friend. Parents need to prioritize building a healthy emotional foundation, offering unconditional love as a magnetic force that draws alienated children back.


Stop Trying to Become an Expert on Reunion

Ginger challenged the common tendency among alienated parents to immerse themselves in researching alienation, psychology, and related topics. But the truth is that intellectualizing can be a tunnel without escape, one that will keep you from reuniting.

 While being well-informed about parental alienation is important, it doesn’t mean that you have to intellectualize everything; there has to be a balance between practice and theory. Sometimes people think they know everything, but when they go through a challenging situation where they need to take action, they become actionless and freeze.

 Ginger advocates for a shift toward becoming experts on their own family dynamics, urging parents to focus on the specific steps needed for reunion rather than getting lost in a sea of information.


The Need for Personal Transformation

Personal growth and transformation are another key for reuniting. Ginger shared examples of parents who, by surrendering old patterns and adopting new approaches, achieved rapid reunification with their alienated children. 

This means you have to take care of your mind and your body, go out with friends, exercise, meditate, and start doing all of these things that bring you joy; this is a way of self-love. If you find it too difficult to find ways to reconnect with yourself, seeking professional help could help.

 You may want to check out our programs, which offer professional support not just from Ginger Gentile but also from our community of parents that are in your same situation. 

While recognizing the complexities of parental alienation, Ginger suggested seeking professional guidance tailored to individual family dynamics. She emphasized the value of learning from those who have successfully reunited, rather than solely relying on general advice or information.

 “Those who reunite quickly are often the ones willing to surrender, try new approaches, and move beyond the victim mentality.” - Ginger Gentile



Ginger Gentile's Facebook Live session provided insights for parents navigating the challenging terrain of parental alienation. By focusing on emotional regulation, authenticity, and a shift in mindset, parents can overcome barriers to reunion and create a path toward healing. 

Join our group coaching call. This opportunity includes access to lessons on reunion, group coaching calls with Ginger, and insights from ex-alienated children who have successfully reunited with their parents.

 The journey may be intricate, but with the right guidance and a commitment to personal transformation, reconnecting with alienated children becomes not just a possibility but a tangible reality.

Growth, heal, and connect! may this article serve as a source of inspiration and practical guidance for all those navigating the difficult landscape of parental alienation.

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Sending you a big hug and may you reunite soon!

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