What All Alienated Kids Say Caused them to Reunite

Nov 30, 2023

By Karin Mendez

What is the one thing that will turn an alienated kid who doesn't want anything to do with their parents? And to the kid who was raised to reunite? I get asked this question all the time.
- Ginger Gentile

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Parental alienation is one of the biggest problems that society faces. What happens in the alienation process is: the lack of respect for other humans' rights and the lack of empathy create conflicts that impact children the most. They later have to face the challenges of the world as chronically traumatized adults. In most cases, they don’t have good education and guidance toward healing and improvement. But what really inspires them to heal and reconnect?

In this article, we will explore the crucial factors that contribute to a child's decision to reunite with an alienated parent and 3 steps parents can take to foster reconnection.

Ginger emphasizes a critical question: What leads alienated kids to choose to rebuild a relationship with their estranged parents? Through her extensive work, she has discovered a common thread among successfully reunited families.

The Power of Being Ready:

The foundational principle is the need for both parents and children to be ready for the reunification process. Reconciliation goes beyond merely arranging a meeting; it requires emotional readiness and a commitment to positive change.

 There are  two crucial elements necessary for successful reunification: both parents and children's emotional readiness. These elements serve as a guide for parents seeking to heal their family.

Emotional Healing and Personal Growth:

Reuniting families involves more than a mere meeting. parents  must let go of anger, take responsibility for their actions, and acquire new skills. Emotional healing and personal growth become the foundation for a healthier relationship with the child.

The Group Coaching Approach:

Seeking help can be a crucial step in reversing parental alienation. Join group coaching sessions designed to guide parents through both the emotional and practical aspects of reunification. These sessions offer a supportive environment for shared learning.

Parental alienation is a painful reality for many families. However, by focusing on emotional readiness, positive change, inner healing, personal growth, and seeking professional help, we can find the light at the end of the tunnel, even when it seems devoid of any lights at the beginning. Reuniting is not just about overcoming external challenges; it's about internal transformation and creating a space where love can flourish once again.


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