How Often Should I Reach Out to My Alienated Child: A Journey of Healing and Hope

Nov 25, 2023

Parenting can be a challenging journey, and for those who find themselves estranged or alienated from their children, the path becomes even more arduous. The burning questions: How do I bridge the gap with my alienated child? How often should I reach out, send letters, or offer gifts? In this article, we explore the difficult side of this situation and seek guidance from Ginger Gentil, a child of high conflict divorce, who has dedicated her life to helping families reunite after experiencing parental alienation herself.

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Parental alienation is a profound and often heart-wrenching experience that transcends simple definitions. The emotional toll is immeasurable, leaving parents grappling with questions of how to reconnect with their estranged or alienated children. Ginger’sjourney, as both an advocate and a child of high conflict divorce, provides a unique perspective full of hope.

In a recent live call, Ginger engaged in an authentic and unfiltered conversation with parents navigating the complex terrain of parental alienation. The dialogue was poignant, reflecting the diverse and deeply personal nature of each participant's journey. The fundamental question echoed through the virtual space: How often should one reach out to an alienated child?

The Power of Persistence
One resounding piece of advice emerged—persistence is paramount. For those blocked from communication, Ginger's counsel is both simple and profound: persist until a response is obtained. The challenges of outdated contact information or interference by the alienating party highlight the importance of tenacity in the face of the obstacles.

Deciphering the Frequency Dilemma
How often should a parent attempt to reconnect?
Ginger's guidance draws from a deep well of experience and empathy. For those with no contact, the advice is clear: persist until a response is received. In cases where responses instruct no further communication, she suggests periodic outreach, the frequency tailored to the age and circumstances of the child involved.

The Unveiling of a Hidden Key
Both the parent and the child must be emotionally prepared for this intricate journey. The most delicate messages may falter if this fundamental readiness is absent. Ginger's emphasis on personal growth, healing, and emotional preparation as another fundamental key to the process of reconnection.

Realizing Success Stories
The power of dedication and effort is palpable in the success stories. These narratives range from fathers reuniting with teenage sons to mothers reconnecting with adult daughters. The common thread is a testament to the transformative power of commitment and persistence, proving that healing is possible across a spectrum of familial dynamics.

Joining the Reunification Journey
As a call to action, Ginger invites parents to join a community where they can feel supported by others going through the same situation such as her coaching group. An intimate space where stories of reunification unfold, insights are shared, and a three-month roadmap course guides parents at their own pace. It's not merely an instructional journey but a collective effort toward healing and reunion.

Navigating the Emotional Labyrinth
Parental alienation is not merely a legal or logistical challenge. It is a deeply emotional journey. As we navigate the labyrinth of emotions, it becomes evident that persistence is not just about reaching out physically but also emotionally. Ginger's wisdom lies in recognizing that the journey towards reconnection is as much about the parent's emotional readiness as it is about the child's.

Healing from Within
Ginger's calm and compassionate advice echoes the importance of internal healing. Reconnecting with an alienated child is not just about sending messages, it's about acknowledging and working through one's own emotional wounds. The process demands introspection, self-discovery, and a commitment to personal growth.

Breaking the Chains of Anger
A recurring theme in Ginger's guidance is the need to break free from the chains of anger. Whether directed towards the ex-partner or the alienated child, harboring resentment can impede the path to reconnection. Ginger encourages parents to let go of this burden, recognizing that healing begins with releasing the grip of anger and resentment.

Cultivating a Magnet for Reconnection
It extends to cultivating a life that becomes a magnet for reconnection. Parents are urged to evaluate and modify behaviors that may repel their children. It's a call to create a life that reflects positivity, stability, and a genuine desire to rebuild the relationship.


The roots of alienation often run deeper than spoken words or lack thereof. Trauma, both for the parent and the child, becomes a central focal point. Healing these emotional wounds emerges as a prerequisite for successful reunification.

A balanced approach is a must, acknowledging the need for professional guidance while also emphasizing the importance of personal initiative. Parents must actively participate in their own journey, taking ownership of the process In the most balanced possible way.


The Roadmap to Reunion

The three-month roadmap, a cornerstone of Ginger's approach, becomes a comprehensive guide for parents. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution but a personalized journey, allowing parents to navigate at their own pace. The course covers a spectrum of topics, from healing family trauma to learning new communication skills—a holistic approach to reconnection.

Parental alienation is a complex and emotionally charged journey that  is not solely about reaching out but sustaining a commitment to ongoing communication. Beyond the practical strategies, inner healing is a must. We encourage parents to release anger to inspire positivity, and actively engage in personal growth. Valuable tools are emerging, not just as products but as collaborative spaces for collective healing, such as the Road map and Gingers coaching groups. 


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